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If you're seeking ways to make your candles burn cleaner, more evenly and even last longer then pay attention to the points below.

One - Create a slower and more even burn by trimming the wick at 1/4 inch before each use. If a candles wick is too long it can make the candle burn more quickly as it’s burning more of the wax/fuel in a given time.

Two –Are you familiar with that ugly tunnelling thing that can happen near the wick? It happens by burning the candle for too long and you can stop it occurring. The general rule is to use the diameter of the candle as a guide to the candles burning time. In other words, burn a candle that is four inches in diameter for about four hours, then extinguish and let cool.

Three - To ensure your candles burn cleanly every time the first burn is considered the most important one. DO NOT extinguish the candle until the wax pool that has formed close to the wick almost touches the outer edge of your candle. At that point, put it out and let it set before lighting again.

Four – Identify a teardrop shape to your flame. If its flickering or smoking wildly, extinguish it, let it cool and set and then trim the wick (if needed) and relight. Avoid drafts, they can make candles flicker and their wax burn in an erratic manner and so it's advisable to have them in a less breezy situation.

Five – Always store your candles away from light and heat. Longer candles (such as the dinner variety) should always be stored flat to prevent them warping.

Six - A candle warmer by definition warms candles, working by heating a scented candle as opposed to actually lighting it. Naturally you will lose some of the ambience with this method, but your candles will surely last much longer and you completely eliminate the risk of fire.

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