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One Sunday evening, a man was going to go to Mass when a youthful merchant drew nearer and pleaded with him to purchase some candles he was selling. The merchant was a skinny kid, around ten years of age, wearing a stained sweaty shirt, and his eyes were mournful, like as not due to weariness or lack of any success for the day. "Please kind Sir, will you buy some of my candles," the young man asked. "I am selling them for a school project and it would be most kind of you indeed to help me."

Moved profoundly by the boy's requests – and since he has recently gotten his enormous bonus the man took from his wallet a two hundred peso bill and happily offered it to the boy. "Thank you, Sir," as gratitued overwhelmed the young boys face. "What number of candles might you wish to purchase, Sir?"

"Oh no, no," the man clarified. "I don't need to buy your candles, young man. I am giving you the cash for your school venture. Simply offer the candles to different other churchgoers, with the goal that you will gain more for your school needs."

The child went very quiet and agonizingly stared at the cash. At that point, he tragically offered it back to the man saying "I'm obliged to you kind Sir but I cannot take your money." "My guardians said that I should not exploit other individuals generosity," . They said that succeed in life I should work for my own needs. I can't take your cash in the event that you don't purchase my candles, Sir. I will simply offer them to any other different churchgoers that they may purchase them."

The man was indeed puzzled by this and needed to disclose to the youngster that he had quite recently gotten fifty-thousand pesos as reward for his business efforts and that the two hundred pesos is definitely not even a large portion of a grain in his extensive rice pot. He needed to disclose to the youngster that contrasted with the heaps of cash he has as of now wasted on indecencies and eccentricities, a simple couple of hundreds don't bear any money related importance. Additionally, he needed to disclose to the kid that he is routinely accepting pay and other advantages doing very little, simply dallying or talk mongering, alternately nibbling or young lady watching or putting on a show to keep himself occupied. The man wanted to make reality stare down at the youngster yet the eyes of the boy gazed back brighter and firmer.

"Alright, I agree," the man at long last relented. "And just how many candles will my two hundred pesos buy from you?" Again the child's face beamed and he replied "Goodness sir, you will no doubt get every one of the candles I have to offer." The kid began counting his candles. "I have twenty five left and at eight pesos each with everything taken into account, that is precisely two hundred pesos. Are you certain you need every one of them, sir?"

"I'm quite certain, youngster," the man offered as he caringly took the candles from the kid. "I believe I shall require candles every week. Listen, starting now kindly supply me candles each Sunday evening and don't say no this time!" The young boy quietly chuffed in gratitude. "I am most happy to offer you candles each Sunday evening, sir," he said. "Your kindness is much appreciated and may God look on you favorably you for your thoughtfulness!" As the older man watched the much younger man go happily on his way, he understood that he truly required candles to light his heart, his spirit and his brain and that he youthful seller was the brightest light he had ever encountered in his otherwise dull life.

As told by the older brother of Jopo Guerrero.

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